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Michael Riesen

Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP

1105 Peachtree St. NE , Suite 1000 Atlanta, GA, 30309

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Service Description

As an IP attorney, a Solicitor (England and Wales), and a registered U.S. patent attorney, Michael is focused on creating solutions for his clients and providing the best client experience to ensure trust and results. He integrates with this client teams and curates the appropriate legal team to serve the client’s needs. His work expands over several industries such as entertainment, legal technology, emerging companies, crypto/web3, and medical devices. With a keen eye for identifying challenges, Michael is able to quickly adapt and dig deep in any industry and company size to provide prompt and thoughtful legal solutions. Throughout his career, Michael has focused his practice on creating sustainable solutions for those facing challenges that come with innovation and growth. His work includes IP portfolio management and diligence, corporate governance and commercial transactions, capitalization and financing, domestic and international patent prosecution, agreements, patent litigation, trademark prosecution, copyright management and licensing, technology transfer, regulatory compliance, and open source issues. With a deep background in emerging technology, material science, physics, electrical engineering, and computer science, Michael is able to quickly assess his clients’ cases and develop effective strategies. A former high school and college physics teacher, Michael capitalizes on understanding complex and high- level scientific concepts and effectively communicating such concepts to inventors, counsel, judges, juries, and examiners.

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