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From Patent to Profit

Updated: Jan 24

7-Steps That Turn Your Idea into Your Own Personal Cash Machine.

What is a method? Webster defines it as: “a particular form of procedure for accomplishing something.” Speaking of “accomplishing something” in my opinion, there are few greater accomplishments than creating something that has a positive impact on the world. Anyone who has ventured down that path and succeeded will likely say it took a lot of grit and perseverance. The need for grit and perseverance is required since they are the basis of success. With that having access to a method would solidify any path to success.

The TPTR Method is the best path for innovators to have that impact.

Step #1 - Idea

"I have a million-dollar idea!"

An idea on its own is not enough. The idea needs to be developed reducing to its practical elements and execution. There is no such thing as a million-dollar idea, but it’s in the development of the idea that the value is found.  

Step #2 - Innovation / Novelty

The Novelty or “newness” must be known. What specifically makes the idea innovative? What makes it special? How do you use it? These are questions the inventor needs to ask concerning their idea. The novelty of the idea is a crucial key to being granted a patent and marketing it to the world.

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.“ Albert Einstein

Step #3 - Design

The design of the idea is arguably the most valuable part of developing an idea. For one it’s the step that turns the idea from ethereal into something real and tangible. Secondly it often further inspires further innovation in itself. Through the design process, the desire to understand everything about how the idea functions becomes undeniable.

Step #4 - Protect

Protection is filing for the Patent or Trademark. Hiring the right patent attorney and illustrator is crucial to providing the best protection possible.

Step #5 - Manufacture

It’s time to make it. Direct to Manufacturing (DTM) sources are becoming more available, plus opportunities to license a patent to a company that already has manufacturing and distribution set up.

Step #6 - Market

Marketing gets the word out into the world, innovation changes the world for the better. Make your innovation’s impact as big as possible.

Step #7 - Sell

Sell is the method to deliver the invention to the people who need it.

TPTR Mission

It is our firm belief that anyone can conceive a world-changing idea, but most do not know what to do with their idea. The Patent and Trademark Resource’s mission is to provide inventors with what’s needed to turn their ideas into profit. With these resources, everyone can make the best most informed decisions on how to move forward with their ideas. The TPTR Method is the beating heart of that mission.

No matter where you are on your innovation journey the professionals at The Patent and Trademark Resource are ready to help you apply The TPTR Method and equip you for success.


Tim “The Patent Guy” Riesen

Owner/CEO of The Riesen Design Ltd.

Co-creator of The Patent and Trademark Resource

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