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Professional Patent, Trademark, and Logo Design Solutions

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10,000+ & Counting Patent Illustrations Prepared

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Trademarks & Logo Design

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What We Offer

The Patent and Trademark Resource Design Solutions. 

We go beyond the design by providing the following services:

  • Access to patent and trademark attorneys 

  • Comprehensive coverage for all your needs

  • Business consulting to help you get your business up and running

  • Marketing services to help you take your product to market 

  • Financing and grant research

Why Work With The Patent and Trademark Resource.

Twenty-five years of design experience.

Conducting Diligent
Patent and Trademark Search

Evaluating Patentability and Trademark Ability

Patent Strategy

Preparing Patent and Trademark Documents Advising Throughout

Protecting Distinctiveness of Trademark

See Your Ideas Come to Life With Brand Awareness and Go-to-Market Strategy

Product Design and Prototyping

Patent Illustrations


"I was panicking; my deadline to file my non-provisional was coming up, and I didn't know who to hire and what to expect. It was impossible to know who best to hire by Googling! The popular firms were too busy, and it's impossible to know which smaller/newer firm to trust.


Tim understands the playing field well and was able to help me understand what to expect AND connect me to an incredibly qualified and professional firm who had the bandwidth to help me out."

Client Drums testimonials

Ted Lai

Founder, Mindsmithy

"I had the opportunity to work with Tim at The Riesen Design Ltd. when I was working with my patent attorney preparing a U.S. Patent application, I had some working prototype parts to show Tim, however, they were not production-ready components. Tim and his firm quickly understood the overall concept and were able to not only provide patent illustrations, but they worked with me to finalize several design-specific elements. Their complete understanding of my product’s application made the final designs look professional and less like cobbled prototype components. They listened to my suggestions and were very easy and enjoyable to work with. Their work contributed to my patent getting awarded on the first review without any claims challenged. I will use them on future projects and would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

Client Drums testimonials

David Ruprecht

Owner, Airlogic Percussion, Ltd.   

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