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We have broken down the Patent Process into Four Steps. It is Highly suggested you download this guide to educate yourself on the process. When you are comfortable visit our vetted and approved list of Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

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Evaluating Patentability

A patent attorney is crucial in evaluating patentability due to their specialized legal and technical expertise

Conducting Dillegence

A patent attorney is essential for conducting a comprehensive patent search.

Patent Strategy

It is vital the attorney prepares patent claims and strategies as they possess in-depth knowledge of patent laws and regulations

Patent Documents

Properly prepared patent documents are essential to ensuring compliance with the patent office


The Trademark Process can also be intimidating. We have broken it down into Three Categories. Please bookmark this page or download the guide to familiarize yourself with the process. Please visit our Patent and Trademark Attorneys to find an expert.

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A trademark attorney plays a crucial role in evaluating the protectability and distinctiveness of a trademark. Their expertise allows them to conduct thorough research and analysis to determine if the proposed trademark meets legal requirements .

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A trademark attorney is vital for conducting a trademark clearance search as they possess the knowledge and resources to investigate existing trademarks and potential conflicts thoroughly. 

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A trademark attorney is essential for preparing trademark documents as they possess the legal expertise to accurately draft and file trademark applications that comply with the specific requirements of the trademark office. 

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