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Attorney Services

Attorney Directory

We are building a network of vetted, experienced Patent and Trademark Attorneys. This will serve our creators and innovators with a direct point of contact with an attorney we recommend to patent or trademark their creations. They avoid wasting time scrolling the internet trying to find the right attorney they can trust.

Customized Marketing

The first step in our customized marketing services is to join our Attorney Directory.  In addition to that solution we can create websites, do lead generation, and target your ideal prospect profile. Expert SEO to get you on the top of page one. We can drive traffic to your site with Social Media, Brand awareness, and more.

Business Consulting

With over 40 years of combined experience in business ownership, design, sales, marketing, and operational efficiencies, we can help you get out of the weeds working in your business and get you working ON your business. Doing what you love to do, practice law.

Complimentary Consultation

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